The current BP-2121 road that connects Vilafranca with La Llacuna was built in the 19th century by the Barcelona Provincial Council, opening a new route that replaced the old cart track between Vilafranca and Sant Martí.

This event allowed the enlargement of the village along this road, a process that began in 1881 with the first house to be built by Antoni Ivern Escofet. That was Cal Ton Cruset, where he engaged in agriculture, basically market garden, cereal and wine.

His son Antoni Ivern Almirall continued with the exploitation and broadened his activity with the wine trade, transporting it with barrels and carts. Joan Ivern Olivella took over the wine transportation and implemented the mechanisation of the agricultural activities.

Following the first remodelling of the stall, the farmyard and the cellar in 1962, the house began its hotel and restaurant services.

In 2012 the country house is remodelled and becomes an ideal place to relax and have fun in a family atmosphere in the garden, the swimming pool, the barbecue, the games room and the outskirts of the village of Sant Martí Sarroca.

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Telèfons d’interès
  • Emergency services
    ADF: 607 902 903 - 610 284 249
    Municipal police: 669 843 477
  • Healthcare
    ABS Penedès Rural: 93 891 54 03
    Ambulances: 93 899 29 29
    Medical centre: 93 899 13 80
    Chemist's: 93 899 12 04
    Regional Hospital: 93 818 04 40
  • Other numbers
    Castle: 93 899 16 69
    Post service: 93 899 14 38
    Taxi (Sant Martí): 679 418 145