Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply only to the stay duration specified on the reservation in accordance with the timetables set on the Prices section. This duration may be modified upon prior request providing the owners’ acceptance and as long as it does not interfere with the arrival of new guests.


Pre-reservation is the period between the time the guests confirm their stay verbally or in writing until the payment of 30% of the total amount for reservations of 7 days or less, and 50% for longer reservations. The payment is to be made should be paid in within 48 after the formalization of the booking. The remaining amount is to be paid in its entirety upon arrival.. The remaining amount is to be paid in its entirety upon arrival.


Before the contract is formalized, the tourist accommodation lodging is required to inform you about our cancellation policy. If the cancellation notice is given within 10 days of the date of arrival, the following cancellation fees will be charged, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary:

  1. Reservation for 2 days – 50% of the total stay.
  2. Reservation for 3 to 7 days – 35% of the total stay.
  3. Reservation for more than 7 days – 25% of the total stay.

These cancellation fees do not apply when the guests make the cancellation by force majeure duly justified. Nonetheless, if the lodging is occupied within the scheduled dates, Cal Ton Cruset is committed to refund the full amount paid on account. Should Cal Ton Cruset make the cancellation by force majeure, the full amount would be refunded in its entirety and the best efforts would be made to provide an alternative accommodation if so the guests desire.


A deposit of €150 will be payable to the owners upon arrival and will be refunded to the guests at the completion of the stay unless any damages are incurred to the house, its facilities, furniture, or utensils.

Also be charged by the taxa tourist tax of 0.45 € per person per night (over 16 years), according to the Law 5/2012 of March 20, the Government of Catalonia.

The letting includes all kitchen and living room furniture and utensils and covers all utility charges (i.e. water, gas, electricity and heating). Bedclothes, towels, paper towel, toilet paper, as well as kitchen and house cleaning products are also included.

Ground rules

Guests will take care of all facilities, furniture, equipment and utensils provided with the accommodation. Otherwise, they will agree to replace or reimburse the owners for any damage or loss that might occur.
Smoking is not allowed inside the house..

Since the swimming pool is fenced, the guests must decide upon arrival whether to keep it closed or remove the locking. The guests will be held responsible for the children’s behaviour under their constant supervision inside our facilities. Children are strictly prohibited from using the swimming pool without the supervision of an adult.

No pets are allowedon Cal Ton Cruset premises at any time.

Guests are severely required to keep silence before 12 pm so as to respect the neighbours at night-time.

Guests will be delivered two keys, which are to be returned at the completion of the stay. In case of loss, €50 will be charged per key for any missing keys.

Cal Ton Cruset not responsible for the increase in people and in any case contractually agreed to a

number higher than 13 adults and two babies, which is the capacity of the house.

In normal winter periods will occur frost and the ground is slippery, so be careful not to take damage. On the upper floor doors and beams are low, be careful not to bump his head there and avoid accidents.

The owners will be notified in case of any additional guests and, thus, the price per guest and night will be charged as specified.

Guests will leave the house at the agreed the day and time after their stay is completed and will return the keys to the owners.

Terms and conditions
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