Have a walk through the vineyards, try the fruit and enjoy the autumn from Cal Ton Cruset. When autumn arrives and the harvest ends, the landscape of the Penedès is transformed. From Cal Ton Cruset there are multiple routes on foot or by bicycle to enjoy the vineyards. Observe each of the leaves of the vines changing color while their fruit is already being transformed into the wineries of the area in its final product: the wine or the cava. Where we are, Sant Martí Sarroca, the Carretera del vi (The wine road) starts, which will take us to the coast. It is 40km. In which the landscape changes, but we always accompany the vineyards and their cellars. During the tour, there are 13 wineries, and we can choose what we want to do with a tasting of the so prized product of the land. In Sitges is where the road finishes. And all the smells of which we have been impregnated with earth, vineyard and wine, come together and contrast with the smell of the sea. When we say autumn in Cal Ton Cruset we are saying vineyards, wine, walks, barbecues, gatherings on our terrace, visits to the wineries of Penedès… We are saying a few magnificent days in a fully equipped house enjoying with your family or with a group of friends